If the iPhone comes to Verizon, will you get one in January 2011?

There are fairly widely reported issues with the iPhone 4 device on AT&T and now we hear even more rumors of Verizon getting an iPhone in January 2011. With Google Android devices offering a compelling experience, will you still get an iPhone if Verizon rolls one out?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

Rumors of the Apple iPhone coming to Verizon are as old as the iPhone is and are getting a bit of a joke. The latest news is said to come from a couple of unnamed sources familiar with the plans that state Verizon will get an iPhone in January 2011. This may be a Verizon leak to give people enough doubt to keep from locking themselves into AT&T or it may just be more hopeful people. While I am sure the iPhone on Verizon will sell millions, given the apparently widespread lemon issues of the iPhone 4 and serious competition from the Google Android platform I honestly do not think I would buy an iPhone even if it was launched on Verizon.

I recently wrote why I won't be buying an iPhone 4 and only one of those issues was related to AT&T. Verizon is pricier than even AT&T and I no longer find the iOS platform to be as functional for MY NEEDS as it once was. Google Android gives me everything I need (I am really not much of a gamer) and the devices keep getting better and better while being available from all four carriers.

I think we can be pretty confident that the iPhone will eventually launch on a carrier other than AT&T, but if it launched in January on Verizon would you pick one up? Or does Apple need to bring more to the iOS (notifications, widgets, etc.)?

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