Infosys launches Equinox digital commerce platform

Infosys is aiming to provide a platform that offers personalized omnichannel experiences.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Infosys unveiled its Equinox digital commerce platform, which aims to offer turnkey omnichannel experiences.

Equinox, which is an evolution of Infosys' 2015 acquisition of Skava Commerce, is designed to offer API-first, micrososervices and cloud tie-ins as well as personalized commerce journeys.

Specifically, Infosys Equinox offers:

  • Social, chat, voice and augmented reality commerce channels in multiple languages and currencies with localized features.
  • The ability to run on any cloud using open-source technologies and an approach that scales to business-to-business and business-to-consumer models.
  • An integrated ecosystem that covers experiences to operations.

According to Infosys, Equinox drives more than $15 billion in annual ecommerce gross merchandise value. A big reference customer is Kraft Heinz and Equinox has clients in multiple industries including consumer product goods, telecom, manufacturing, automotive and media.

For Infosys, Equinox enables the services provider to tie together marketing, merchandizing, commerce, supply chain and customer services.

Kraft Heinz is using Equinox as its digital hub for more than 250 global brand, e-commerce, recipe and direct-to-consumer sites.

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