Infosys meets UN pledge to be carbon neutral by 2020

It has also acquired consultancy firm Blue Acorn iCi.
Written by Campbell Kwan, Contributor

Infosys announced it was certified as carbon neutral on Wednesday, with CEO Salil Parikh stating the achievement was the product of the company's various energy efficiency initiatives and investments in renewables. 

The announcement was shared alongside Infosys' environmental, social, and governance vision document for 2030, which outlines the company's goals for the coming decade.

In the document, Infosys touted it was the first Indian company to certify its carbon neutrality against the Paris Agreement's PAS 2060 standards. The certification fulfils a United Nations pledge the company made back in 2011 to be carbon neutral by 2020.

The document also stated that Infosys has halved its per capita electricity consumption since 2008 and 44% of the electricity across its Indian campuses now came from renewable sources. 

"Our company began to take action to combat climate change in 2008 and I am delighted to announce Infosys' carbon neutrality in 2020. Today, our 2030 vision reflects how ESG will continue to be integral to Infosys' sustainable business performance," Infosys chairman Nandan Nilekani said. 

As part of its goals for 2030, Infosys is aiming to maintain its carbon neutrality and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions that come directly from its operations by 75%. In terms of its social goals, it plans to provide digitals skills to over 10 million people and empower over 80 million people via tech-for-good programs in e-governance, healthcare, and education by 2025. 

Infosys said in the vision document that it is also working towards creating a workforce composed of at least 45% women by the end of the decade. Currently, 38% of Infosys' employees and 20% of its board members are women, respectively.

On the same day, Infosys also finalised its acquisition of consultancy firm Blue Acorn iCi, which specialises in providing Adobe ecosystem services.

According to Infosys, the acquisition will strengthen the end-to-end experience of its customers and provide improved cross-technology capabilities through Blue Acorn iCi's digital commerce and analytics offerings.

"The Blue Acorn iCi acquisition is another important milestone in Infosys' journey to build capabilities relevant to the digital priorities of our clients and reaffirms our commitment to the Adobe ecosystem," Infosys president Ravi Kumar said.

Last month, Infosys also acquired GuideVision, a consultancy firm with a strong European presence as a ServiceNow partner. 

That deal was designed to give Infosys' enterprise solutions portfolio a boost, as well as provide access to training centres and a ServiceNow distribution platform in the European region. 

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