Integrator launches AWS readiness assessment tool, migration services

How will your application perform on the Amazon cloud infrastructure? The new PaaSLane for AWS assesses source code for potential issues.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Last summer, cloud integrator Cloud Technology Partners introduced a service called PaaSLane, where organizations can check application source code prior to a potential cloud migration applications.

The idea is to help developers and IT managers identify problems that could affect performance, scalability, security or stability when moving from an on-premises infrastructure into a private or public cloud.

Now, Cloud Technology Partners is launching a specific version of the service for Amazon Web Services (AWS), claming that it can help reduce the time to optimize and migrate Java applications for the infrastructure by at least 25 percent. The focus is on supporting 

There are more than 30 different rules that it uses to assess and detect potential problems. In addition, PaaSLane for AWS examines how a particular application uses third-party database, message queuing or other technologies, and recommends AWS-native services that could speed these things up. Support for .NET is anticipated by early December.

The PaaSLane for AWS service is free during the beta period, and it will remain free for your first application after that period, according to the company. 

If you decide to proceed with your migration project, Cloud Technology Partners is angling to help. In conjunction with the PaaSLane release, it is announcing three new services practices focused on AWS migrations. They include deeper application assessments to help organization prioritize and choose which workloads to move, cloud-native application development, and managed services to keeping production and dev/test environments in order.

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