Intel expands training program in India

The first order of business is to offer students and software developers schooling on multicore processing.

Intel plans to partner with an Indian training company to educate local IT workers about the chip giant's technologies.

The program, announced Thursday by the chipmaker and training specialist NIIT, will cover methods for optimizing software performance on Intel architectures, code samples and troubleshooting tools, the companies said. The initial phase will focus on multicore processing, in which a chip packs two or more processing units--or cores--on a piece of silicon.

Ongoing courses provided through the chipmaker's Intel Software College will be tailored for the project, while some new courses will be developed jointly.

Course participants will get evaluation licenses for products used in the training sessions. Students will also be provided with resources for further learning and get access to online programs to supplement classroom training.

Intel has been working with companies in the developing world to help them create products suited to local needs using Intel chips and other components. This summer, the company announced the establishment of four design centers, including one in Bangalore, for this purpose.

NIIT said training courses will target both students and working software developers and will help train nearly 50,000 Indian professionals during next several years. Initially, specialized courses will be offered at 10 centers in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

In the next phase, NIIT will extend the program to China and other Asia-Pacific countries through its training network, it said. The New Delhi-based company runs programs in more than 30 countries.