Intel publicly demos Pentium 4s

Gamers get a first peek at Pentium 4
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Microprocessor giant Intel demonstrated the gaming prowess of the Pentium 4 (P4) processor at ECTS in the first public demonstration of its next generation architecture in Europe.

Intel demonstrated the processor powering the flight game 'Incoming' as well as strategy title 'Black and White'.

The P4 is scheduled to launch during the second half of this year at clock speeds of 1.4GHz. According to Intel market development manager Joachim Aertebjerg. "There's been a lot of traffic [around the Intel stall]," says Aertebjerg. "people can see why increased performance is needed."

The Pentium 4 has a number of performance enhancements over the Pentium III likely to get the gamers excited. As well as a higher clock speed, the Pentium 4 is expected to offer 144 new instructions specifically for video encoding and decoding. It runs 400MHz system bus: around four times faster than the Pentium III.

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