iOS 13.6.1: Should you install it?

It fixes some bugs, but does it bring new bugs?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

I've been running iOS 13.6.1 for a week now. Has it made my iPhone unstable? Is it eating battery life as an astronomical rate? Is it crashy?

There was only one way to find out -- install it and use it for a week!

And this is what I did.

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On the face of it, iOS 13.6.1 was quite a small update, both in terms of size and release notes length. It didn't contain any security patches which meant that users could skip over this one if they wanted to play safe.

I'm a heavy iPhone user, so I notice battery life issues pretty rapidly. I also keep track of how much power my iPhone draws for charge on a regular basis (yes, that is as dull as it sounds!), and I've not noticed any increased battery drain on any of my devices. In fact, given the fact that my screen time increased, battery life and performance has been good under iOS 13.6.1.

As for performance and stability, I have noticed that the Camera app feels a little slower and more sluggish than before, which is curious. As for stability, things seem good, but stability has been good on iOS 13 for a while now.

So, if you've held back, I say go for it. The iOS 13.6.1 update is approximately 110MB (depending on the device you are installing it onto), and you can grab it now by going Settings > General > Software Update

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