iPhone 4 and the Cloud reader comments

Readers respond.

Yesterday I posted iPhone 4 and the Cloud and was surprised by the volume and tone of the back channel response I received. Here's a quick summary of the notes:

  • You must hate Apple Computer and its products. You always present a negative view of their products
  • You must love Apple Computer and its products. You always comment on their releases.
  • You hit it right on the head. IT organizations still haven't embraced hand held devices or included them in their planning.
  • You missed it this time. Our IT organization is on top of the hand held explosion and has plans in place for devices offered by RIM, Apple, HTC and others
  • How does cloud computing relate to hand held devices? Aren't you stretching it a bit?
  • Thanks for pointing out how cloud computing is sneaking into the enterprise by piggybacking on the adoption of hand held computers.
As usual, thanks for sending me your comments!