JEM authenticator and password manager deal: Protect your logins

Now you can have the utmost protection for your online passwords from the cyber threats are becoming more frequent and more dangerous.
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Cyber threats come from all directions these days. Even if you are using an excellent VPN (and you should!), your online passwords still must have additional protection. Now you can take absolute control of your most sensitive data and provide it with the strongest safeguards. The JEM Biometric Authenticator Device + JEMPass Password Manager Plan will not allow any of it to be decrypted without your JEM device and fingerprint.

The JEM Biometric Authenticator is an external fingerprint scanner that ensures you are the only one who can access your accounts. It unlocks the encrypted vault of your online passwords that the JEMPass Password Manager protects with cryptographic keys that are generated on your device using up-to-date encryption libraries.

The free 1-year JEMPass that comes with the JEM Biometric Authenticator Device stores and secures all of your passwords and seamlessly syncs your accounts across all devices so you can access them with just a single touch. That allows you to effortlessly use the saved password even on devices that are associated with different Google or iCloud accounts.

The fingerprint scanner and password manager are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Windows 10 PCs that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support. They can be used with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, macOS Safari, and Chromium browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave.

There's no question that the combination of JEM's Biometric Authenticator Device and JEMPass Password Manager Plan is effective. You will find it placed on the list of Best Security & Surveillance Biometrics that Gist Gear compiled just last month.

Protect your passwords with the added security of end-to-end encryption and an external fingerprint scanner. Get JEM Biometric Authenticator Device + JEMPass Password Manager Plan today while it's on sale for only $109.99, a 14% discount off the $129 MSRP.

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