Kensington's StudioDock now works with the 2021 iPad Pro

The StudioDock is ideal for those who need or want a dedicated iPad workstation.

StudioDock for iPad.jpg

Image: Kensington

Last month Kensington announced it had updated the  StudioDock to support the 2021 iPad Pro  The all-in-one stand incorporates several different desktop products, giving iPad users a dedicated spot to use Apple's tablet. 

For example, the StudioDock has a USB-C port that connects to the iPad Pro or iPad Air while magnetically holding it in place, converting it into a desktop-like computer. There are several ports on the back of the StudioDock that allow you to connect accessories to the iPad, along with an HDMI port to connect the tablet to an external monitor. An SD card reader also allows you to read files or transfer pictures to the iPad. 

Below the iPad mount is a wireless charging station, with a spot for an  iPhone  and another for the AirPods

Kensington released the original  StudioDock in early 2021 shortly before the latest iPad Pro  models were announced. Unfortunately, the new iPad Pro models were slightly thicker than the previous models, meaning they wouldn't fit in the StudioDock's cradle. 

I reviewed the original StudioDock and loved using it but stopped testing once I received the new iPad Pro. I'm happy to see an updated version.

You can order the new StudioDock for $399 right now. 

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