KODAK PULSE Digital Frame looks like an iPad

The PULSE Digital Frame connects via Wi-Fi and streams your photos from Facebook and KODAK Gallery

One feature I really enjoy about my iPad is its ability to turn itself into a photo frame. You simply press the icon on the lock screen that looks like a flower in a picture frame, and the iPad instantly starts cycling through the photos on your iPad, in a slideshow format.

The price of an iPad makes it far from affordable to be used as just a digital frame, but if you want the look of the iPad in a photo frame, check out KODAK's PULSE Digital Frame. The PULSE Digital Frame is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and lets users e-mail pictures to it or stream pictures from Facebook and KODAK Gallery sites. As I mentioned above, the Digital Frame looks very similar to an iPad, but its price is much more affordable, coming in at $179.95 for the 10-inch and $119.95 for the 7-inch model.

The PULSE Digital Frame actually looks like a decent product, and may even be something I would consider buying for my mother. Unfortunately, it only hooks to Facebook and KODAK for now, though, which means that the photos would have to be in either of those places.