KT partners with German equipment maker for Europe Giga-internet export

South Korean telco KT has partnered with German network equipment maker Albis-Elcon to export its Giga Wi-Fi and other ultra-fast speed internet solutions to Europe.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

KT has partnered with a German network equipment maker to export its solution to Europe.

The company said it has partnered with Albis-Elcon, which supplies to over 100 telcos -- including locals Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica -- in 40 countries.

KT and Albis-Elcon will cooperate to sell the former's Giga Wi-Fi and Giga Wire, its wireless and fixed-line solutions of ultra-fast internet, in Europe and later globally.

Europe had a lot of aged buildings and the South Korean telco's solution, which doesn't require optical cable and can achieve gigabit-speed on old copper lines, was optimised for them, the telco said.

Giga Wire launched in South Korea in 2014 and the company has installed 200,000 lines including in Thailand and Malaysia.

KT will also cooperate with its German partner to co-develop 5G network and solutions as well as those in energy, security, and AI.

The telco is preparing a slew of new solutions for use in 5G. Last month it unveiled an airship drone for use by rescue crews in disasters.

South Korea has completed the spectrum auction for 5G and plans to roll the network out next year.


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