Law students move towards online video resumes

Entrepreneur sees a golden opportunity for recent grads to stand out from the crowd, build "brand" by putting themselves on YouTube.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

An enterprising entrepreneur has taken a good idea and made it better. David Schnurman, a recent law school graduate from New York Law School, has springboarded from interviewing prominent entrepreneurs on television to helping law students post their interviews on the W, reports Law.com

Schnurman is founder of "TrueNYC," a public access cable television program on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network that features interviews with prominent entrepreneurs. Taking the interviewing concept one step further, Schnurman is now helping law students create video resumes.

"The whole process of looking for a job is a daunting task," Schnurman says.

Searching for that first job fresh out of law school, job-seekers face a very competive market. It's difficult to pull away from the pack of applicants. That's where a professionally made video resume can come in handy.

Schnurman approached New York Law School's administration and they decided to beta-test his concept. Ten students signed up immediately.

Schnurman is going to use YouTube for mass distribution of the resumes and hopes to convince law schools in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to incorporate this project into their career development offerings.

"I see more tools like what I'm doing," he says. "The younger lawyers are more in tune with how to use the Internet."
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