Lenovo unveils two Chromebooks, including one with flex

Two new Chromebooks bring more choice to prospective buyers. One has a touch screen that bends over backwards.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Lenovo N20 Chrome (Image: Lenovo)

Laptop king Lenovo has been producing Chromebooks for the education sector, and they have just announced two models for the consumer space. These include the N20p Chrome with a display that bends back 300 degrees.

Lenovo has a number of Windows laptops with the flex screen, and the new Chromebook with a touch screen is much the same. The display can be rotated back to allow the N20p to form a stand, or tent mode as Lenovo calls it. It does not bend all the way back to form a tablet like the Yoga 11e Chromebook for the education sector.

The N20 Chrome is like the N20p but without touch operation and the flexible display. Both Chromebooks have Intel Celeron processors for fast operation. Lenovo claims they will get up to eight hours on a charge of the battery.

The 11.6-inch display on both Chromebooks has a standard resolution of 1,366 x 768. They also have wi-fi and Bluetooth 4.0, and up to 16GB of internal storage. The N20 and N20p weigh 2.8lbs and 3.1lbs, respectively. Peripherals can be utilized with these ports available: 2 x USB ports, audio in/out, HDMI-out, and a 2-in-1 (SD / MMC) card reader. You can get up to 4GB of memory on either Chromebook. The 1MP webcam is nothing special but sufficient for video calls.

Dimensions (both models): 295 mm x 212 mm x 17.9 mm (11.6 in x 8.34 in x 0.70 in)

Lenovo is the latest major laptop maker to bring Chromebooks to the consumer market. This may be due to the shrinking sales of the Windows laptop, Lenovo's main product line.

The N20 Chrome will be available from Lenovo in July starting at $279 and the N20p in August starting at $329.

Lenovo N20p Chrome
Lenovo N20p Chrome
Image: Lenovo

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