​LG G6 to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress

LG Electronics has confirmed that its next flagship phone the G6 will be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February after releasing a teaser video.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Electronics has confirmed that it will unveil the G6 smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress after releasing a 40-second teaser video on its YouTube channel.

The video, where people of New York are interviewed about their ideal smartphone, ends with the caption "February, 2017".

A LG spokesman confirmed that the G6 will be officially unveiled at MWC, which kicks off February 27.

In the teaser, seven New Yorkers sequentially say their ideal phone criteria: Bigger screen, smaller body, portability, able to fit in the pocket, comfortable to hold and use, one-hand usability, easy to text with one hand, water-proof, capture it all at once, and reliability.

Near the end of the video, LG suggests that the G6 has these features by showing the silhouette of the phone with them written over it.


LG Display earlier this week said that the new phone will have a QHD+ LCD screen with a ratio of 18:9, the industry's first.

The new phones will not be modular like its predecessor and will likely have a unibody, water- and dust-proof design.

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