LG's new T-shaped dual screen smartphone to be unveiled on September 14

LG will unveil its new flagship smartphone online, which is likely the rumoured T-shaped dual screen smartphone.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG teased the shape of the new smartphone on its invitation.

Image: LG Electronics

LG Electronics will unveil its new flagship smartphone on September 14 through an online event, the company said on Wednesday.

An official video invitation for the event was posted on YouTube. The event will start at 10am EDT. 

The invitation showed two smartphone screens that crossed in a T-shape, before aligning to become one vertical screen.

LG said the new smartphone would be the first in its Explorer Project lineup.

The company said the Explorer line would focus on offering innovative products that are used in different ways compared to traditional devices. The focus on innovative usability in the lineup differs from the LG Velvet, which the firm previously labelled as being part of its Universal line-up, which is aimed at competing against other smartphones on the market.

The new device will have features developed alongside the streaming services Rave, Ficto, and Tubi as well as South Korea search giant Naver, LG said. The South Korean tech giant added that the upcoming smartphone would use Qualcomm silicon.

Naver has also developed a new version of its Whale browser for the new device, the company said. The search giant previously collaborated with LG to provide a browser for LG's dual-screen smartphone accessories.

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