Linux and open-source conferences: List of what's canceled or going virtual

UPDATED: March 10. You can safely assume if you were planning on going to a Linux or open-source conference anytime soon, it's been canceled or made virtual.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

In the next eight weeks, I had five business trips to cover open-source and Linux tradeshows. Now, I have none. Looking farther ahead, I have seven more shows this year. I doubt any of them will be held in real life. 

Nevertheless, shows in June onward are largely still happening. But I'd keep a close eye on their websites. Things can change quickly as the COVID-19 coronavirus infection numbers keep growing. It's the same for security conferences and pretty much all other technology shows

Here's the current status of Linux and open-source conferences:

The Apache Foundation has also announced it canceled its Roadshow/DC (scheduled for March 25) and Apache Roadshow/Chicago (scheduled for May 18 to May 20), and it postponed its Apache Roadshow/Seattle (was scheduled for June 10 to June 12).

Other top tech conferences that have already been canceled or are going virtual include Facebook's F8 developer conference (canceled), Google's I/O developer conference (canceled), and IBM's Think 2020 (virtual).

Come the summer conference season, as you can see, most groups are hoping the COVID-19 outbreak will weaken and they can run as planned. I fear even if the coronavirus calms down in the summer, there won't be time for the early summer shows to reset in time to run. I hope I'm wrong.  

ZDNet will update the list with new cancellation announcements as news develops.

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