Linuxcare supports video games platform

Games on Linux get much needed boost with Linuxcare and Indrema deal

Services and support firm Linuxcare gave a boost to the Linux gaming scene Monday announcing a deal with games platform development company Indrema.

Under the agreement Linuxcare will provide support for developers porting games to the Indrema Entertainment System (IES), a TV video game and home entertainment platform based on Indrema's DV Linux distribution.

The IES platform hardware architecture is an enhanced version of the x86 core design with a modular AGP 4x graphics interface.

The first IES-based games console called L600 is scheduled for launch in spring of 2001. It will come with a 600MHz processor, 64MB RAM and an upgradable graphics processor unit (GPU) as well as support for DVD and MP3.

Indrema was founded in January 2000 and this deal is an early sign of the companies belief that it can encourage developers to create games for its platform.

"Indrema is bringing the benefits of Linux to the mainstream with its next-generation video game console," says Bob Walters, Linuxcare's vice president of business development.

According to John Gildred, founder and chief executive of Indrema, Linux is flourishing as an embedded software solution. "Linuxcare's involvement meets the growing demand for embedded technologies, specifically DV Linux and the Indrema Entertainment System," says Gildred.

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