LinuxWorld: Getting CEOs to consider Linux

Linux leaders to teach business types the virtues of the alternative OS.
Written by Steven J.Vaughan Nichols, Contributor

You've convinced the people warming themselves by the corporate servers that your Linux solution is red hot. But, how do you make Linux believers of CEOs and CIOs?

Linuxcare, Red Hat and VA Linux Systems at LinuxWorld Expo announced on Tuesday their answer: "Linux--So What?" a Linux e-seminar series for CEOs and CIOs.

The nine-part seminar series will premiere mid-September. Potential customers can register for this free Internet, streaming audio and video seminar at www.linux4u.com and www.linux.com.

While seminar samples were unavailable at this moment, they will feature Linux luminaries such as Eric Raymond, head of the Open Source Initiative; Jon "Mad Dog" Hall, executive director of Linux International; and Jeremy Allison, one of Samba's creators.

This isn't a series for Linux operating system fans. It's meant for executives who are unswayed by technical arguments, but will listen to financial ones.

As Dr Larry Augustin, CEO of VA Linux Systems says, "Linux use is exploding because open source is a powerful and effective model, and this seminar series captures some of the best articulations of why it is so powerful for business users.

Art Tyde, executive vice president, of Linuxcare, comments, "For enterprise customers, it's important to cut through the hype and focus on the Return-On-Investment (ROI) that Linux truly delivers."

Sounds like bottom line arguments for bottom line customers.

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