Lithium Reach social publishing platform launches to deliver extra engagement

In 2016 businesses will spend $15.5 billion on social media but still can not solve gaps in their social strategy. A new social marketing tool aims to change this.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Currently, social marketers spend about three hours per day using a social tool. They need to identify relevant trending topics and find the best content across those topics.

Lithium Reach social publishing platform launches to deliver extra engagement ZDNet
Lithium Technologies

Marketers want to simplify the number of tools they use during campaigns and content planning without losing functionality.

San Francisco based Lithium Technologies has released its new social publishing platform, Lithium Reach. The tool aims give marketing teams a tool to drive better performance from their social marketing efforts.

Uncertain metrics, complex systems and scattered teams means that there are often gaps in campaign planning.

The tool serves up data-driven recommendations on what content to post and when to post it.

Beta users of the tool had a 25 percent increase in engagement based on the content recommendations and 50 percent increase in efficiency across teams according to the company.

Reach uses Klout proprietary algorithms that draw upon machine learning. The auto-scheduler automatically picks the best time to publish posts, recommending user-generated content from communities for marketers to share across social channels.

Lithium hopes that its tool will become the single platform for campaign planning, content creation, content approvals, publishing and real-time analytics.

The company claims to have one of the largest digital footprints in the world with over 100 million monthly visits across its communities and 750 million online profiles across 34 countries scored by Klout.

Lithium says that its tool will enable brands to implement what it calls a "total community strategy".

It hopes to "engage customers in a two-way conversation across digital channels throughout the customer lifecycle".

Brands will be able to maximize customer engagement across social channels, blogs and online communities by curating, managing and publishing relevant user-generated content from their online communities.

Rob Tarkoff, President and CEO of Lithium Technologies said: "CEOs must recognize getting digital right is absolutely crucial to their business, and yet studies show most brands are not there yet, largely due to the ineffectiveness of currently available solutions."

"A truly effective digital strategy - what we call Total Community - involves engaging with stakeholders across all digital channels, and activating those stakeholders on behalf of your brand."

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