InstaBrand releases 'contextually relevant' Influencer search platform

Instabrand has released its social media search engine to enable companies to find the correct influencer and followers for their reach campaigns.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

It is hard to find influencers across the industry, and even harder to discover the influencer's audience. Looking for detailed attributes of an influencer's audience can take time to collate.

Los Angeles based influencer marketing company InstaBrand has released its influencer search platform that analyses of over 100,000 multi-platform social media influencers.

Its platform provides access to analysis of over 100,000 multi-platform social media influencers, each with at least 10,000 Instagram followers.

The search technology parses 2.5 million individual mentions, five million unique hashtags, and over 50 million posts in the database. This enables brands and agencies to identify and select influencers.

The results are based on demographic statistics, and contextually relevant information about social content.

It can highlight which influencers are most aligned with campaign objectives, the keywords they use most often and what drives the highest levels of audience engagement.

Contextual relevance seems to be more important than the sheer reach of social influencers when it comes to achieving brands' campaign objectives.

The tool's search algorithm takes into account gender, location and behavioral attributes of an influencer's audience, in addition to broad metrics about influencers' themselves such as follower count, engagement and posting activities across other social profiles.

When searching, users can view a list of influencers who meet their criteria and sort these influencers according to audience size, as well as types of engagement, keyword usage and other contextual variables.

A fashion brand will be able to pinpoint which influencer receives the most likes when posting about #fashion and #style, out of a dozen influencers with similar social presences.

The platform can also help refine your search by suggesting relevant keywords that are most popular and engaging based on search terms.

Previews of the most relevant and most recent posts are displayed for each influencer in the search results.

Brands can quickly examine whether an influencer's content is up to par without having to go through numerous social profile pages.

"From our years of experience working with brands across the spectrum, we have clearly seen how sponsored posts deliver the best results when brand messages, influencer content and audience preferences are squarely aligned," said Ryan Alley, VP of Product at InstaBrand.

"Because we know influencer marketing can be a noisy space, we have invested in a world-class technology team and built a best-in-class platform that helps our partners find better suited digital influencers and make smarter decisions about where to invest their advertising dollars."

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