Live 2000 Nuggets: Sensei shows off world's smallest mobile

Never heard of Sensei? It's a new player in the manufacturing world, but its first phone is a little stunner

Given that it is promoting the world's smallest and lightest handset, it's appropriate that Sensei has one of the more compact stands at Live 2000. Punters are crowding round, keen to get a look at the new SPT88d handset.

It's pretty clear why. At 68g, Sensei assures us that the SPT88d is the lightest mobile phone handset in the world. It's a tiny thing too, only a little bit longer than a train ticket, and very thin (precise dimensions are 103x43x18mm). It comes with a foldout frontpiece, which conceals the number pad when the phone's not in use.

However, thanks to a tiny joystick just below the display, you'll rarely need to use the numbers. It is used to select all the menu options -- point up to check voicemail, point to the right to compose an SMS, and so on.

The SPT88d is dual band (GSM 900/1800), and according to Sensei it works fine all over the world, apart from the US of course. They reckon that the external antenna helps to get decent reception in far flung parts.

The 96x64 pixel display, which supports a maximum of six lines of text, is rather tiny. To compensate, there are zoom-in and zoom-out buttons on the side of the case which double as volume controllers.

There are several colours to choose from. The blue and black models both look smart and businesslike, while the shimmery red handset is gorgeous.

If you pop into Live 2000 then you can pick up a SPT88d for £59.99 on a contract deal from Timetalk. If you just want to buy the handset, it'll costyou around £170.

  • Sensei SPT88d

  • Dual-band mobile phone

  • £59.99 with contract, £170 without

  • 68g

  • 103x43x18mm

  • 96x64pixel display, with zoom functions

  • Talk time: 90mins

  • Standby time: 150+ hours

  • SMS

  • Tel: 01296 619600

  • Fax: 01296 436756


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