Live 96: Consumers meet Olivetti Xana

Olivetti today debuted its Xana range of consumer PCs at the Live 96 exhibition.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The entry-level Xana 53-120 (£1,299 including VAT) is a 120MHz Pentium-based desktop PC with 8Mb RAM, 1Gb hard drive, eight-speed CD-ROM drive, 28,800bps modem and 14-inch monitor.

The high-end Xana 73-200 (£2,599 including VAT) is a 200MHz Pentium-based mini-tower PC with 16Mb RAM, 2.5Gb hard drive, 28,800bps modem, MIDI wavetable sound and 15-inch monitor.

All Xana models include 30 bundled software titles and come in a beige, compact design. Optional configurations include up to 32Mb EDO RAM (£370 including VAT) and up to 2.1Gb IDE hard drive (£470 including VAT).

Olivetti can be contacted by telephone on 0181-785 6666.

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