Live blog: Can a student go fully mobile for 48 hours?

With the young society so dependent on their smartphones, I question how much one can do on a smartphone by pushing it to the limits. Can a student go fully mobile for 48 hours?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Do you realise how much time you spend on your smartphone each day? If you totalled it up, don't be surprised if you spend a good hour outside of phone calls glued to your handset, either texting, emailing, or browsing the web and more.

Seeing as the Generation Y are so fixed to their smartphones, whether it be an iPhone, a BlackBerry or dare I say it, a Windows Phone 7 device, I thought it'd be an interesting test to see how useful they really are for everyday tasks.

This isn't the first time I've done a live blog covering some seemingly pointless task for 48 hours. Living entirely in the cloud wasn't such a difficult thing to do in hindsight, whereas going fully open-source for the same timeframe was challenging, but was massively helped by your community spirit.

However this time I am walking away from my desktop PC and leaving my laptop in the office, as I embark upon a full two-day stretch of using nothing but my BlackBerry. (I would have used an iPhone for the second day, but wasn't able to land myself one, so my boring phone will have to do.)

The rules are simple. Starting Wednesday 1st December at 8am (check here for other timezones), I am not allowed to use any device other than a cell-enabled smartphone for 48 hours. Literally everything I would normally do on a computer must be done on the smartphone: through the web browser, downloadable applications or through good luck or sheer wishful thinking.

The only exception is that maybe a few times during the day, I'll be using the web CoverItLive interface on my desktop PC to simply run through comments, as the mobile interface limits what I can see of you, the viewer. Any live blog update made must be done on the smartphone still. By all means leave comments here, or in the live blog interface below. 

Living on a smartphone for 48 hours

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