Looks like the HTC HD7 suffers from the same pink photo issue as the HD2

The HTC HD7 has a form factor similar to the HD2, unfortunately it looks like it also suffers from the same initial pink tint on photos that required a software update to fix on the HD2. Will we see HTC issue a fix for this new device soon?

I have now had three days with the T-Mobile HTC HD7 and it goes on sale tomorrow at T-Mobile. I took my wife to the store the other day since she wants to finally get a smartphone and has enjoyed playing with the Samsung Focus. I had the HTC HD7 and then showed her the new myTouch 4G, Motorola Defy, BlackBerry Bold 9700, and LG Optimus T. She clearly liked the myTouch 4G and HD7 and then took photos in the store with both. It turns out the HTC HD7 appears to suffer from the same pink tint photo problem that plagued the HTC HD2 until a firmware update was released to fix it. The pink tint did not impress her and she felt that the myTouch 4G had the better camera so I actually ended up buying her a white one and a plum one for myself. I will be posting a hands-on article of the myTouch 4G tomorrow.

The folks over at WPCentral also posted on the pink camera issue and it sounds like it may just be the US version of the HD7.

In the meantime, you can check out these couple photos taken with the myTouch 4G and HTC HD7. All of these were taken in my house with limited lighting and auto flash. None of the settings were modified and the photos were taken just in auto mode. I could easily make the myTouch 4G photos better by adjusting some of the settings for the conditions. However, there are very few settings in the WP7 camera so at this time the pink is unavoidable.

Fireplace taken with myTouch 4G

Fireplace taken with HTC HD7

Bookshelf taken with myTouch 4G

Bookshelf taken with the HTC HD7

I think the HD7 is a nice piece of hardware and the WP7 operating system is pretty impressive, as I have talked about several times before, but I think I will be keeping my new plum myTouch 4G instead as I am much more a fan of Android. I will continue to test out both of these premium T-Mobile smartphones and plan to post a comparative article later this week.