MariaDB readies new enterprise server

While staying loyal to its open-source roots, the new MariaDB Enterprise Server is designed for enterprise production workloads.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

At its annual user and developer conference MariaDB OpenWorks in Manhattan's Financial District, MariaDB Corp announced it's releasing a new version of its MariaDB, MySQL-compatible database management system (DBMS), MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4. This new business server comes with more powerful and fine-grained auditing, faster, highly reliable backups for large databases, and end-to-end encryption for all data at rest in MariaDB clusters. This is the MariaDB for demanding companies that want the best possible DBMS.

MariaDB Enterprise Server, which will be released in 2019's second quarter, remains fully open source. Going forward, it will be the default version for MariaDB Platform on-prem or in the cloud customers. MariaDB CEO Michael Howard wants to make sure that MariaDB users and developers know that  MariaDB Community Server is not becoming a second-class citizen. MariaDB's corporate side will continue to collaborate with the community.

The new MariaDB Enterprise Server comes with the following new features:

  • Security, performance, and scalability for production out of the box: Unlike Community Server, MariaDB Enterprise Server is configured for secure, high-performance production environments out of the box.
  • Increased quality assurance: While the entire community gets access to cutting-edge and in-development features, enterprise customers get a hardened version of MariaDB restricted to production-grade, fully supported features.
  • Stability at scale: MariaDB Enterprise Server undergoes thorough quality assurance to test performance at scale for production workloads. Priority is given to fixing defects identified in MariaDB Enterprise Server to ensure increased stability for our customers.
  • Release integrity: MariaDB Enterprise Server is distributed securely with a clear chain of custody from MariaDB to customers to ensure binaries cannot be tempered with.

What it boils down to is that the Enterprise Server is MariaDB tuned up for high-end corporate use.

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As Max Mether, MariaDB's VP of Server Product Management, explained, "We're seeing that our enterprise customers have very different needs from the average community user. These customers are working on a completely different scale with a strong focus on stability and security."

Pat Casey, ServiceNow's, a major MariaDB customer, SVP of Development and Operations, added in a statement: "Better quality assurance and stability of critical enterprise features are extremely compelling. At our scale and in production with 100,000 MariaDB databases, reliability is what matters most."

This new version comes only a few months after MariaDB merged its separate analytic and transaction offerings into a single platform, MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3. Depending on your needs, you may not need to upgrade from 10.2 and 10.2. The company will updated versions of these DBMSs, which will include a form of these high-end enterprise features, such as enhanced backup.

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