Mesh brings broadband to rural Bucks

High-speed wireless networking means students at a rural college can now enjoy a 'hot campus'

Mesh networking is being deployed in Buckinghamshire to spread high-speed Internet access around a rural college.

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College has installed four LocustWorld mesh boxes. These four nodes will spread broadband connectivity across a large campus, covering academic facilities, communal areas and 700 student rooms, avoiding the trouble and expense of installing a wired system.

"Our students will soon enjoy a "hot campus", with internet connectivity from bedroom, lecture room, bar or social area, where students can truly work, rest and play online," said Iain Thompson, the project manager for Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, this week.

"This system offers the University and our students opportunities that even a few months ago seemed beyond our grasp."

The system is being deployed by IPaXiom Communications, a Slough-based mesh deployer

"Many more nodes are planned as roll-out progresses around the campus" says Saber Fakih, founder of IPaXiom. "Mesh deployment is very flexible, which helps us to get into hard to reach places and work around historic buildings."

LocustWorld is a small UK firm whose MeshAP system is being deployed worldwide, from Scotland and Yorkshire to the Washington State and the Gulf Coast of Florida, according to the company. Often, community activists are using them to bring high-speed connectivity to areas where ADSL and cable broadband aren't available.