Microsoft delivers another foundational Windows 10 Fast Ring test build

Microsoft's latest 'Redstone' Windows 10 test build for PCs, Build 14257, continues to lay the groundwork for coming new features.

The Windows 10 Fast Ring is definitely fast these days.


Windows Insiders got another new Windows 10 test build for PCs late last night. Build 14257, a week after receiving Build 14251.

Like the past few "Redstone" test builds before it, Build 14257 includes primarily under-the-covers foundational features and fixes. There are few visible changes in this build.

The February 3 blog post outlining what's new mentions fixes around periodic app crashes and other memory-related app errors. The Git client for Windows should work with this build. The F12 Developer Tools should now load correctly in Edge. And some DPI tweaks should fix the jumbling of desktop icons as of this build.

The post lists, as usual, known issues with this build. Testers should be aware that resetting a PC with this build (and the previous 14251 build) will leave the PC "in an usuable state," and there's no workaround, though this should be fixed in the next build, Microsoft says. The front-facing cameras with PCs using Intel RealSense also doesn't work in this build.

The full post has more details about the latest Windows 10 test build.

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