Microsoft delivers Windows 10 Insider Build 14251 for PC testers

Microsoft is delivering another new 'Redstone' preview build for Windows 10 Fast Ring testers that is more about fixes than features.

Microsoft is making available a new Windows 10 "Redstone" preview build to its Fast Ring Insiders today, January 27.


Pay no attention to the huge jump in build numbers with this one. The most recent preview build was 11102; today's is 14251. As Windows Insider chief Gabe Aul explained, Microsoft is syncing its PC and mobile build numbers.

Under the covers, this new PC test build doesn't have notable new features, as was true of the most recent three preview builds for Windows 10 PC users. This build does include a number of bug fixes, however, Aul said, including bugs affecting PC games, third-party assistive technologies and File Explorer.

This build does introduce a handful of known issues, including periodic app crashes. Others are detailed in today's blog post.

Aul's post today also reiterates that Microsoft is still planning to release Windows 10 Mobile as an upgrade to existing Windows Phones "early this year."

Additionally, Microsoft is "nearly ready" to start providing new preview builds for Windows 10 Mobile, Aul said. The first devices to get these will be phones that came preloaded with Windows 10 Mobile: The Lumia 950, 950XL and 550. Microsoft will "expand from there," Aul said, as Microsoft starts making Windows 10 Mobile available on certain existing Windows Phones.