Microsoft has high hopes for Xbox

Microsoft's Xbox is now on sale in Europe, and the company plans to sell 1.5 million here by the end of June. Consumers seem convinced, and the reviews are positive. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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Microsoft's Xbox
Microsoft's Xbox is something of a Trojan horse. The company has conquered the desktop and now seems intent on sneaking a PC into your living room. Of course, this black behemoth of a system looks and acts just like a video game machine -- and a state-of-the-art one at that. But with built-in support for high-speed networking, a 8GB hard drive, DVD playback capabilities and display support for HDTVs, the Xbox does more than just play games. NEWS:
Xbox set for friendlier European arrival
Thurs 14 Mar: Microsoft is struggling to conquer Japan, but Xbox is likely to find a warmer welcome in the UK Fans throng to UK Xbox launch
Thurs 14 Mar: Amid green elves and fanfare, Microsoft has launched its entry into the console market across the UK and Europe Q&A: What next for Xbox?
Wed 13 Mar: As the Xbox ships in Europe, Microsoft's general manager of the platform talks about what the future holds for the games console UK Xbox launch plans mass sickies
Wed 13 Mar: Three out of four people who plan to buy Microsoft's Xbox when it goes on sale in the UK tonight also plan to take a sickie tomorrow Hacker 'improve Xbox'
Wed 12 Dec: Microsoft's next-generation game console's PC-derived design is encouraging unprecedented tinkering Sony says Xbox launch could bring PS3 closer
Thurs 15 Nov: Release of the PlayStation3 could be brought forward as Sony sees Microsoft take over from Nintendo as its biggest rival
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