Microsoft launches Tablet PC amid doubts

The software will power a new generation of computing devices that Microsoft hopes will bring life back into the hardware business. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Fri 8 Nov: Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC edition makes tablet PCs easier to use, but the whole package isn't ready to replace your primary PC. Microsoft launches tablet PC drive
Thurs 7 Nov: Microsoft unveiled its pen-based computer today, the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition IDC adds to tablet PC scepticism
Thurs 7 Nov: New research backs up other studies predicting a slow takeoff for the new Microsoft-powered devices. Pricing may be key to boosting sales Will buyers write off new tablet PCs?
Thurs 7 Nov: Industry observers are not certain exactly who will want to buy the pen-based computers launched by Microsoft this week Tablet PCs to catch on slowly, says Gartner
Wed 6 Nov: Business-meeting etiquette may be one factor that aids the success of tablet PCs, argues Microsoft. But Gartner's analysts are having none of it HP to offer three-in-one tablet PC
Wed 6 Nov: The latest take on Microsoft's tablet PC concept is a transformable ultra-portable with a detachable keyboard REVIEWS:
Review: Acer TravelMate 100
The TravelMate 100 has an impressive 'convertible' design, but there are some minor annoyances Preview: Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Beta
Windows XP Tablet Edition revolves around one major feature that'll make you either love or hate your new tablet PC: handwriting recognition Preview: Microsoft gets hands-on with Tablet PC
Microsoft has made much of its Tablet PC vision over the past two years. ZDNet UK brings you a hands-on preview of what the devices are really like Tablet PCs: a first look
Check out ZDNet UK's first impressions of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition hardware and software COMMENTARY:
Tablet PCs: Still a work in progress
Before millions of us start dumping our PDAs for tablet computers, there's still a few things that need to happen, argues Charles Cooper News Schmooze: Smartphones, tablet PCs and even smaller things
The tablet PC is a mobile device with a high price tag and less-than-obvious sex appeal PREVIOUS COVERAGE:
Tablet PCs won't come cheap
Fri 1 Nov: A US Web site has revealed prices for several of the new batch of tablet PCs Tablet PC rivalry sets in
Thurs 24 Oct: A group of Dell visionaries have formed a start-up company to rival tablet PC competitors Tablet PC speaks in tongues, but not all
Wed 25 Sept: Microsoft's specialised software for pen-based computing will speak English, French and German, but not Spanish. At least not yet PC market welcomes Tablet's entry
Mon 16 Sept: The 'evolution of the laptop' continues with the tablet PC, which some hardware makers hope will spark life in the PC market
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