Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 'Redstone' Build 14267 to Fast Ring testers

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Insider test build for PCs, 14267, includes a few minor features and several fixes.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor on

Microsoft rolled out a new preview build of Windows 10 'Redstone' on February 18 which includes a few new, externally visible features.


Windows 10 preview Build 14267, unlike a number of recent Fast Ring Windows 10 test builds, isn't just about under-the-covers Core work and fixes.

Among the new features in this build are improvements for searching for music in Cortana; some UI improvements to the Favorites bar in Microsoft Edge; the ability to clear browsing data when exiting Microsoft Edge, plus improved Edge Download prompts; and the ability to attach photos to Skype messages. No, Edge extension support still isn't there in this build, for those wondering.

There are some fixes in this build, too, including ones that allow recovery after reset to work as expected. Microsoft also has made it so users with PCs with Intel RealSense cameras can again use their front-facing cameras. And an incorrect storage capacity issue also is now fixed with Build 14267, according to a blog post about today's build.

The one known issue with this build is for those using Hyper-V and more than one vswitch or multiple virtual networking adapters. Those users may lose networking connectivity after upgrading, though there are two workarounds listed in today's post.

Gabe Aul, the head of the Windows Insider program, also noted that students or teachers running Windows 10 Education can now opt into receiving Insider Preview builds if they want by going to Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options to opt into getting builds.

In other Windows 10 news, Microsoft rolled out yesterday a new Windows 10 Mobile build to those with Windows 10 Mobile handsets who are not running preview builds. That build, 10586.107, includes a few minor fixes that Insider testers have been vetting.

Update (February 21): Microsoft also rolled out Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14267 for Fast Ring Windows Phone testers late last week. The main new features parallel those announced for the PC client preview. The new build also includes some fixes specific to phones. Only those phones which originally shipped with Windows 10 Mobile (and not Windows Phone 8.x) are currently eligible to run this new preview.

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