Microsoft to buy Kubernetes container-orchestration vendor Deis

Containers, containers, containers: Microsoft is buying Deis, a San Francisco-based Kubernetes orchestration specialist for an undisclosed amount.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is buying Kubernetes container-orchestration specialist Deis for an undisclosed amount.


Microsoft is looking to make use of San Francisco-based Deis' technology to round out its Windows and Linux container portfolio, said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise, in an April 10 blog post. The acquisition is part of Microsoft's quest to ensuring Azure is the best place to run containerized workloads, Guthrie blogged.

In his own blog post, Gabe Monroy, chief technology officer of Deis, said the Deis team will continue with its contributions to Workflow, Helm, and Steward, as well as "maintaining our deep engagement with the Kubernetes community."

Microsoft originally announced plans to work with Google on Kubernetes in 2014. Kubernetes is an open-source container cluster manager that provides automated deployment, scaling and operations of application containers.In February this year, Microsoft made Kubernetes generally available on its own Azure Container Service.

In related news, Microsoft announced last week that its Azure Container Registry is now generally available. The ACR integrates with orchestrators hosted on the Azure Container Service, including Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and DC/OS, as well as with other Azure services like Service Fabric and Azure App Services.

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