Microsoft to help Office 365 customers track entire phishing campaigns, not just lone emails

Microsoft rolls out Campaign Views in public preview for Office 365 ATP customers.
Written by Catalin Cimpanu, Contributor on
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is launching today a new security feature in public preview.

Named "Campaign Views," this is a new feature that will be available for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) -- which is the company's paid email filtering service, available as an add-on for Office 365, its multi-functional cloud-based office suite.

Campaign Views will be a new section in the Office 365 ATP Threat Explorer dashboard where customers can get a full view of an entire malicious email phishing campaign that's hitting a company's email inboxes.

Until today, Office 365 ATP users could only see details about each of the individual malicious emails that reached users. Campaign Views will show details about the entire phishing campaign and all the tricks and infrastructure it uses.

The goal is to give security teams an idea of what other tricks the same attacker might be using, so they can put filters and security protections in place.

Microsoft says security teams will be able to view:

  • When the campaign started
  • The campaign's sending pattern and timeline
  • How big the campaign was
  • How many users fell prey to it
  • A list of IP addresses and senders used to orchestrate the attack
  • See which messages were blocked, ZAPped, delivered to junk or quarantine, or allowed into the inbox
  • See all the URLs used in the campaign
  • See if there are users who clicked on the phishing URL

To power this new feature, Microsoft will be using its global view over the entire Office 365 infrastructure, but also "machine learning, advanced heuristics, rich detonation capabilities, targeted capabilities to spot business email compromise, and massive security intelligence sources that come together during mail-flow as well as after email delivery."

Per Microsoft, during its public preview stage, Campaign Views will be available for customers with any of the following plans:

➢ Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Plan 2
➢ Office 365 E5
➢ Microsoft 365 E5 Security
➢ Microsoft 365 E5

"The Campaign Views have started rolling out into public preview, so you'll see it in your tenant over the next few days and weeks," Microsoft said.

Microsoft said feedback from customers who helped test the feature has been "extremely positive."

An official documentation page for the new Campaign Views feature will also go live later today on this Microsoft Docs page.

Campaign Views will be added to an already impressive list of Office 365 ATP protections.

Image: Microsoft
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