Mobile users stay loyal to trusted handsets

People are choosing to hang on to their ageing mobiles for at least one or two years, rather than binning them out of boredom or embarrassment

People aren't getting bored or embarrassed about their ageing mobiles, with most keeping their trusted handset for at least one or two years — and many much longer.

In the latest poll by's sister site,, the majority of the 388 respondents (28 percent) said they have owned their current mobile phone for one to two years.

And, indicating phones can last more than a couple of years, many respondents said they have had their current handset for more than two years.

Of these, 15 percent said they have had their mobile for two to three years, 14 percent three to five years and 13 percent five to 10 years — and one percent even admitted to having had the same phone for more than 10 years.

But a significant proportion of people have had their phone upgraded more recently, with 16 percent saying they have had their current phone for less than a year, and 13 percent less than six months.