MongoDB rolls out Atlas Data API for easier data access

The Data API is part of MongoDB's ongoing effort to abstract and automate infrastructure decisions.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

MongoDB on Thursday rolled out a preview release of Atlas Data API, a fully-managed, REST-like API for accessing Atlas data. 

With the Data API, developers can query MongoDB from their backend in any language, without the need for drivers. It provides quick access to data necessary for tasks such as building data-centric microservices or integrating with third-party services. 

Typically, when building these kinds of data services, developers build custom APIs that communicate with MongoDB data over HTTPS using REST or similar protocols. It's a time-consuming process that includes steps like provisioning additional servers and connection management. 

The new API currently has built-in support for aggregation pipelines to use with services like Atlas Search, and MongoDB plans to add support for services like Data Lake and Serverless Instances. 

Ultimately, MongoDB said it's working towards abstracting and automating more infrastructure decisions. 

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