More than half of businesses 'will never adopt Vista'

Less 'wow', more no, no, no

Less 'wow', more no, no, no

The majority of tech professionals claim their companies will never adopt Windows Vista.

That's according to the latest poll, which asked readers when their organisation is likely to make the move to Microsoft's current operating system. Of more than 400 respondents, 59 per cent said it would never happen.

Of those planning to implement the OS at some point in the future, the majority said the deployment is unlikely to happen until 2010 or later (26 per cent of the total respondents).

A small minority - three per cent - said they will move onto Vista in the next 12 months, with a further one per cent planning to roll out the OS within six months.

Just 11 per cent of respondents said they'd already moved on to Vista, more than two years after its launch.

Microsoft has struggled to make Vista have an impact on the business world despite it being Redmond's largest-selling operating system.

In November last year, all 12 of's CIO Jury revealed that they had no plans to embrace Vista, while in October the Corporate IT Forum found that Vista is continuing to play second fiddle to XP in enterprises.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is already getting the ball rolling with Vista's successor, Windows 7, which CEO Steve Ballmer announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is ready in beta form.