Mozilla shuts down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes services

Mozilla will shut down Send for good after a ZDNet report over the summer that highlighted the service's popularity with malware operators.
Written by Catalin Cimpanu, Contributor
Firefox Send

Mozilla is shutting down two of its legacy products, Firefox Send and Firefox Notes, the company announced today.

"Both services are being decommissioned and will no longer be a part of our product family," a Mozilla spokesperson told ZDNet this week.

Firefox Send

Of the two, the most beloved was Firefox Send, a free file-sharing service, and one of the few that supported sharing files in encrypted formats.

Launched in March 2019, the service gained a dedicated fanbase but Send was taken offline earlier this summer after ZDNet reported on its constant abuse by malware groups.

At the time, Mozilla said that Send's shutdown was temporary and promised to find a way to curb the service's abuse in malware operations. But weeks later, things changed after Mozilla leadership laid off more than 250 employees as part of an effort to re-focus its business on commercial products.

Now, most of the staff that was supposed to re-engineer Send has been let go, and the ones who are still there are now working on commercial products, such as Mozilla VPNFirefox Monitor, and Firefox Private Network.

Firefox Notes

The same reasons are also valid for Firefox Notes. Launched as a way to save and sync encrypted notes between Firefox browsers, the service was available as an Android app and browser extension.

"In late October we will decommission the Android Notes app and syncing service," a Mozilla spokesperson said today.

"The Firefox Notes desktop browser extension will remain available for existing installs and we will include an option to export all notes, however it will no longer be maintained by Mozilla and will no longer be installable."

You can learn more about how to export Firefox Notes content here.

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