NEC Brazil head steps down

Latin America head Masazumi Takata takes over as interim leader for operations in the country.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

The president for Brazilian operations at Japanese technology firm NEC has stepped down.

Daniel Mirabile had joined the company in 2015 and led a restructuring process with spending and staff cuts as well as a boost in the local offerings.

"Mirabile, who was responsible for a successful cycle of reformulation of the company in Brazil, will take on new challenges in his career," NEC says in a statement.

Latin America head Masazumi Takata has now become the interim leader for the operations in Brazil.

The firm also pointed out that "the strategy of the Brazilian operation is completely aligned with those of the parent company in Japan" and that "local growth and business plans remain unchanged."

NEC is mainly focused on provision of equipment to telcos in Brazil as well a service portfolio, which is looking to diversify.

Last year, the company bought Brazilian digital security services firm Arcon and is said to be considering other acquisitions in the country.

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