Netflix offers up a streaming TV plan sans DVD

Do we really need a DVD delivered once a month anymore?

I've been using Netflix since my Apple TV arrived and I find it to be a great way to have a ton of content instantly available to me. One thing I noticed in my habits is that even though I pay for the plan that has one DVD out a time and unlimited streaming, the DVD has sat unwatched for more than a month.

For the reason above I took special interest in Netflix's latest plan reshuffling. It seems that I must not be in the minority as Netflix is now offering a $7.99 plan that lets me watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to a computer or TV, and no longer includes the one DVD out at a time.

While I appreciate Netflix changing things up, it makes me wonder if the company is actually working on evolving its business model now. After all, with just about any device offering the ability to stream Netflix, including game consoles, computers, and phones, is there a need for the DVD anymore? Granted not all DVD content is available via streaming, so there's still some reason to have a DVD delivered. Then again, with Redbox and others offering up DVDs just about everywhere, perhaps the Netflix DVD offering is being cannibalized a bit too much?

Regardless of the reason why Netflix is shaking up its plans, I'm definitely going to change mine to the NO DVD and unlimited streaming, since it seems that a DVD just sits unwatched at my house these days.