NetIQ focuses on emerging Cloud service providers

NetIQ is taking a pragmatic, straightforward, approach to redeploying Novell's orchestration and migration technology. NetIQ hopes to help cloud service providers in emerging markets quickly offer Cloud services.

Tom Cecere, NetIQ's Director, Product Management, Cloud Solutions, spent some time with me to help me understand what has been happening with orchestration and system migration (PlatSpin) software that was formerly part of Novell. It was a pragmatic view of where that technology could find a friendly audience  and how NetIQ is moving forward to address that market segment.

When Attachmate Group acquired Novell, it reorganized the company's operation. Linux technology was placed in the hands of SUSE. Identity and Data Center Management products joined NetIQ and the Novell brand was refocused on collaborative software, endpoint management, and file networking services.

Novell Orchestrator and PlateSpin technology, along with the capabilities of other NetIQ products are being deployed to help emerging service providers in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia develop and offer cloud computing services.

With the help of NetIQ's collection of tools, these emerging service providers and quickly offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings without having to develope their own custom user interfaces, multi-tenet management tools or back-end administrative tools. It means that these service providers could go from zero to offering cloud services in a very short while.

NetIQ believes that once it has a strong position in these geographical areas, it can help service providers expand from being considered regional operators to having a worldwide presence.

In my analysis, this is a very pragmatic, straightforward, strategy to rebuild industry awareness, interest and desire for Novell's capable and useful technology.

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