Networks '97: Viglen the biggest Net PC fan of all

While most Net PC suppliers quietly concede that the concept is little more than the replaying of an ancient theme, Viglen is one of the few to state its unequivocal support for the model.

"We're already getting quite a few enquiries; the idea of a fully managed PC that users can't do anything to is very powerful," said Diran Kazandjian, Viglen technical and marketing director. "One public sector buyer told me he wants to move to Net PCs because he's had so many problems with theft and Net PCs will be less desirable for resale. Also, it maintenance: when you move desks you don't want to have to go back and move all your data."

Separately, Kazandjian said that the company's plan to list as a separate company independent of Amstrad will make it more effective. "There's a bigger freedom aspect. We're not bound by any agreement."