News Roundup: Microsoft ends XP speculation

Delays and controversy have impacted Microsoft share price and meant uncertainty surrounding the launch date for Windows XP - but no longer
Written by Will Knight, Contributor
"Microsoft's hotly anticipated new operating system Windows XP may not reach computer systems in autumn as expected," was the warning. Howver, the company has now announced that XP will launch on the 25 October, this year -- if the software giant had failed to get its final code for XP out on time, we may not have seen the finished product until next year. Microsoft finally named its high-end counterpart to XP as Windows 2002, which is based on the same "Whistler" code as XP, but said that this operating system may be delayed. Another disappointment for Microsoft came when Compaq confirmed that it has abandoned plans to sell Unisys' high-end Cellular Multiprocessing server systems, which are closely tied to Microsoft 2000 Data Centre. When XP does reach desktops around the world, it promises to spark further controversy, however. In a manoeuvre that has competitors crying foul, Microsoft has revealed that it plans to tie the next version of Media Player to the OS. NEWS:
Microsoft sets Windows XP launch date
Wed, 09 May The next version of the Windows desktop operating system will ship on 25 October, but server versions could still face delays No Windows XP until 2002?
Tue, 01 May The release of Windows XP -- scheduled for this autumn -- could be held back until next year if Microsoft falls behind on delivery of the final code to PC makers Microsoft's late for a server date?
Tue, 01 May The software giant's going back to counting years in naming its new server version of Windows. But word is that Windows 2002 may not arrive until later next year anyway Compaq abandons Unisys servers
Tue, 01 May Following a similar move by Hewlett-Packard, Compaq calls off its deal to sell Unisys' high-end Cellular Multiprocessing systems. It's a body blow to Unisys' server sales plan Browser delays hit Mozilla and Microsoft
Thu, 26 Apr MSN Explorer is delayed until May, while Mozilla has suffered more serious setback, pushing its next release to the third quarter Rivals accuse Microsoft of breaking antitrust law again
Fri, 27 Apr Competitors cry foul as Microsoft bundles media player with new operating system Microsoft ties Media Player to Windows XP
Wed, 25 Apr In a move reminiscent of the IE bundling decision, Microsoft will force users to upgrade to Windows XP if they want Media Player 8.0 Take me to the Windows XP news special. Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the ZDNet News forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read other letters.
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