News to know: Cisco, Windows 7, SAP, Google Latitude

Sam Diaz: Cisco's Q2 sees weaker sales, profits; no widespread layoffs plannedTom Steiner-Threlkeld: Cisco May Cut 2,000 Jobs. But That's Not A Layoff.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Sam Diaz: Cisco's Q2 sees weaker sales, profits; no widespread layoffs planned

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's worst nightmare: Windows 7 deemed less secure than Vista

Brian Sommer: The Engine vs. Electronics Debate – Has the core of SAP really changed with BS7?

Jason D. O'Grady: Google to challenge Loopt with Latitude

Richard Koman: DTV delayed until June

Sam Diaz: The iPod Touch can become an iPhone with a Jajah VoIP app

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Mobile: What's coming when

Andrew Nusca: Former Palm CEO to resign from board of directors

Dancho Danchev: Commercial Twitter spamming tool hits the market

Sam Diaz: Panasonic to slash 15,000 jobs, forecasts first loss in 6 years

Larry Dignan: AOL ad revenue slide continues; Time Warner writes down acquisitions

Ryan Naraine: Cisco warning: Serious flaws in Wireless LAN controllers

Joe McKendrick: Lousy time for a technology startup? Ask Bill Gates

Zack Whittaker: Happy 5th birthday Facebook; free gifts for everybody

Mary Jo Foley: Updated list of Microsoft codenames ready for download

Dana Blankenhorn: Can open source save the mobile market?

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple confirms MacBook Pro 17 delay

Harry Fuller: More precious than platinum

Dan Kusnetzky: Parallels Summit - a conversation with Sergei Beloussov

Heather Clancy: IBM signs deal to deploy Maltese smart grid

Ryan Naraine: Fuzzing for Oracle database vulnerabilities

Dana Blankenhorn: Private SNOMED competitor is not any more

Sam Diaz: Hologram technology: the sub-atomic future of storage?

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla plugs 7 security holes in Firefox

Andrew Nusca: HP releases custom Netbook version of Ubuntu Linux

Jennifer Leggio: Get me out of this social media echo chamber, please!

Ryan Naraine: phpBB.com hacked; Details scarce

Andrew Nusca: Garmin, ASUS announce location-centric mobile phones

Matthew MIller: Review: Nokia 7510 UMA and Motorola Renew eco-friendly phones

Sean Portnoy: QNAP taps the Atom for its new four-bay TS-439 Pro Turbo NAS device

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