News to know: Comcast-Plaxo; Icahn-Yahoo; Linux; Microsoft

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Comcast buys Plaxo: Will social networking and TV fly?Dennis Howlett: Comcast scoops up Plaxo: good moveDan Farber: Comcast goes social with Plaxo acquisitionTechmemeEIC podcast: HP-EDS; Google; SaaSAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Linux's biggest victory so far - Splashtop to ship on ASUS motherboardsContent Protection madness on VistaCan you see yourself running Windows Vista in 2014?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Comcast buys Plaxo: Will social networking and TV fly?

EIC podcast: HP-EDS; Google; SaaS

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Linux's biggest victory so far - Splashtop to ship on ASUS motherboards

Nate McFeters: Security Researcher to release Cisco rootkit at EUSecWest

Jason O'Grady: WWDC08: Tickets sold out

TechRepublic: Who are the top three most important tech vendors for your company?

10 ways to make your VoIP rollout easier

Mary Jo Foley: Does Microsoft really need to diversify into consumer products?

Jason Perlow: Get the AOL Succubus Off My Back!

Larry Dignan: Dell: We're greener than HPHeather Clancy: OK, Dell. Maybe your tech's greener, but what about green services?

Garett Rogers: Google about to launch Flash API for Maps Google accidentally enables ratings on some Blogger accounts

Mark Cuban: Beating Google ?

Icahn reportedly preps his board slate for Yahoo. WSJ: Icahn Will Launch Proxy Contest To Unseat Yahoo's Entire Board

Christopher Dawson: UC Law bans classroom web access

Paula Rooney: Fedora 9 ships, openSuse 11 due June 19

Paul Murphy: What's wrong at OpenSolaris

Michael Krigsman: UK gov't releases transparent post-failure analysis

AppleInsider: AT&T to boost 3G speeds more than fivefold by 2009

Dana Gardner: HP partners with Desktone to advance virtualized desktops as a service

Larry Dignan: Workday lands big Flextronics deal

Chronicle of Higher Education: How It Does It: The RIAA Explains How It Catches Alleged Music Pirates

Limo adds Mozilla, Verizon to its bandwago

n Dana Blankenhorn: Google losing cellphone battle?

Photos: Microsoft previews 2008 Xbox games

Rik Fairlie: Windows XP Service Pack 3 adds support for WPA2

Jason O'Grady: AT&T blowing out refurbished iPhones

Roland Piquepaille:Using satellite imagery to explore ancient Mexico

Richard Koman: Britain releases its X-Files

UK warned of China, India software threat

Dan Kusnetzky:Cloud computing

Steve O'Hear: Latest Flock Beta delivers Digg, Pownce and AOL Mail support

John Morris: Dell Inspiron desktop now $300

Images: Microsoft puts universe on your desktop

Paul Miller: Semantics add value to new travel site as UpTake emerges from private beta

Paul Murphy: Business PCs are going nowhere fast

Andrew Nusca: Rumors: Canon to release sibling dSLR to Rebel XSi?

Ed Gottsman: REST: Reducing Effort in Script-based Testing

Denise Howell: A short, pointed list of 'wonderful policies'

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