News to know: Google and; Microsoft speaks on patents; HTC Vox

Notable headlines:Google, reportedly in alliance.

Notable headlines:

Google, reportedly in alliance. Dan Farber: adds ability to consume Web services in Apex. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft and patent claims: 'Business as usual'? Pat Helland 2.0 rejoins Microsoft.

George Ou: Windows Home Server versus Linux or BSD.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Popfly: Yahoo Pipes for the rest of us.

Gallery (right). Microsoft Popfly service does mashups. Ryan Stewart: Popfly - Mashup the web with Silverlight.

Dan Kusnetzky: Processing virtualization and green computing.

Telegraph: Yahoo may net Bebo owners $1 billion.

David Berlind's Monkcast: Will SAP's A1S service disrupt its on-premises A1? Your digital camera: A poor man's fax machine? Why not? Become a ZDNet Deputy Product Tester, keep the tech when your done. Ryan Naraine: June bugs land on search engines. iDefense puts $16,000 bounty on critical infrastructure app flaws.

Woz magic of electronics and computers. All my contexts are belong to Maker Faire.

Gallery (right).

Computerworld: Symantec false positive cripples thousands of Chinese PCs.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft reorgs again. Former Microsoft NetDocs manager comes back to run search.

Microsoft shifts server unit into business division.

Clear Channel to launch mobile texting program. TPG, Goldman to buy Alltel for $25 billion.

TechCrunch: Google News: The End of News Indexing As We Know It?

Matthew Miller: What treasures are hidden in the HTC Vox? Gallery (left).

Mark Cuban: Newspapers, TV and the Net - Its Convergence Time.

Music, video phones may ride iPhone wave.

Missing-girl Web site gets 55 million hits.

Caption contest: Wood Mac (right).

BitTorrent user loses appeal in movie piracy case.

Blame laptop bags for rising thefts? Remote and mobile working tech 'essential'.

Garett Rogers: Google Earth to announce 3D bulidings.

Dan Farber: Putting data mining in perspective. New York Times: Reaping Results: Data-Mining Goes Mainstream.

Microsoft buys aQuantive coverage:

Review (left): Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0. Ryan Stewart: Making business apps more like video games. New York Times: Why Work Is Looking More Like a Video Game.

Donna Bogatin: Facebook vs. Craigslist? NO magic formula in online classifieds.