News to know: Google, Microsoft; AMD; Cybercrime arrest

Notable headlines:Earnings wrap:Larry Dignan: Can Dirk Meyer save AMD? News.

Notable headlines:

Earnings wrap:

Dennis Howlett: SAP 'Mittelstand' customers upset at new maintenance charges

Nate McFeters: Romanian authorities arrest cybercrime suspects

Zack Whittaker: Diary of a dial-up user (part 4 )

Oliver Marks: GE's Enterprise Collaboration Backbone

Heather Clancy: Techie's green pet: IDC develops new report card for tech asset recyclers

TechRepublic: Supporting support: Where does the help desk fit in your IT planning?

TechCrunch: GoDaddy's Domain Registration Totally Screws .me

Review: MSI Wind U100-036LA (white, Windows XP at right) 

Torvalds attacks IT industry 'security circus'

Ryan Naraine: Unpatched code execution bug haunts BlackBerry

Sam Diaz: Silverlight suit: Microsoft's conduct is 'unlawful' and 'willful'

VMWare reprices underwater stock options

Janice Chen: Top digital camera vendors partner to develop new wireless transfer technology

Ryan Stewart: Second version of NASDAQ MarketReplay application released

Paul Murphy: From Chapter one: Data Processing and the IBMMainframe

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source should support Apple over Psystar

Roland Piquepaille: A solar cooled air-conditioning system

Robin Harris: Super flash, hyper flash

Jennifer Leggio: Twellow mellow about Twitter-Summize deal

BNET: The Top 10 Catalysts for Great IdeasPC World: Have You Fixed Your Company's DNS Servers?

Photos: Game on at E3: The sequel

Richard Koman: Rogue network admin still in jail on $5m bail

EU files new charges against Intel

Kingsley-Hughes: Early look at AMD's Socket G34

Rik Fairlie: D-Link launches new surveillance cam with Powerline networking

Matthew Miller: Opera Mobile 9.5 beta now available for WM touch screen devices

Yahoo: Icahn just a short-termer

Dan Kusnetzky: Citrix and Xen not versus Xen

Andrew Nusca: HP unveils Centrino 2 business tablet PC

Dana Gardner: DaaS solves schools' Internet parity problem with help from IBM and Desktone

Jason O'Grady: More iPhone 3G observations

John Carroll: Microhoo, MicroAOL, and challenging Google

Sony brings better pricing and more digital content from E3 2008


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