News to know: IE 8; Big storage; Gnome 2.2; Apple; Acer; Tech lobbying

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Will IE 8 break the Web?Microsoft buys virtualization vendor help with Vista migrationsThere's more than one way to make Microsoft software 'serviceable'Windows Home Server users want their Power Pack 1Paula Rooney: Gnome 2.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Will IE 8 break the Web?

Paula Rooney: Gnome 2.2 now available, planned for Ubuntu 8.04, RHEL 6, SLES 11

Robin Harris: Big storage is watching you

John Morris: Acer Blue laptop revealed

NYT: Woman at the center of Spitzer's downfall. Techmeme. Her MySpace page.

Heather Clancy: HP Sez: Turn off the lights!

Photos: Inside the recycled data center (right)

Tom Foremski: Tech giants reveal their agenda

WSJ: Google to unveil new ad service for Web publishers

David Morgenstern: Flaming MacBooks, iPods back in the news

Jason O'Grady: iPhone SDK downloads surpass 100,000

More on the Microsoft Office 2008 12.0.1 update

Businessweek: In search of the iPhone killer app

Tom Krazit: Hackers claim iPhone 2.0 breakthrough

The Inquirer: iPhone to go x86

Silicon Alley Insider: Disney: $123 million from iTunes since 2006

Michael Krigsman: 6 tips to safely kill zombie projects

Christopher Dawson: Buy a ShaggyMac for all of your teachers

Sprout - a seriously cool demo tool of rich Internet apps for your students

Richard Koman: TIA 2.0: NSA conducts data sweeps and mining without oversight

UNESCO back out as group names Internet Enemies

Kara Swisher: Yahoo's nightmare scenario, part 1

Gizmodo: Skywalker Last Supper Painting Made With 69,550 Star Wars Frames

Ryan Stewart: Sprout the easy-peasy Flash editor launches to the masses

WSJ: EA's Take-Two saga turns hostile

Activision's 'Guitar Hero' violates patent: Gibson

Larry Dignan: Chapter 450 of the Microhoo saga: Yahoo's defense hinges on second quarter.

Have a heart (attack): Defibrillators, pacemakers vulnerable to hackers

Dana Blankenhorn: Midland hospital proves open source savings

A complete EMR system for half the money

Movie tech comes home with Healthphone SaaS

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Why the Wal-Mart "snub" should be a big deal for gOS

John Carroll: Skepticism and Mary Jo Foley

Photos: Adidas, Samsung phone--it's your trainer calling (right)

Roland Piquepaille:A robotic taxi named robuCAB

Garett Rogers: YouTube releases an exciting new API

YouTube's new APIs and how Google will monetize them

Steve Rubel: The future is Web services, not Web sites

Techmeme roundup

LG says it will buy LCD panels from Sharp

A disposable camera for the 21st century...sort of.

Yahoo eyes OpenSocial; When will Facebook join?

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