News to know: OOXML; Adobe AIR for Linux; Copyright; Best midrange hardware

Notable headlines:Paula Rooney: Microsoft's OOXML gets ISO approval ... maybeMary Jo Foley: Microsoft OOXML standardization bid: The clock is tickingOOXML standard vote down to the wire Christopher Dawson: OOXML vs.
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Notable headlines:

Paula Rooney: Microsoft's OOXML gets ISO approval ... maybe

Ryan Stewart: Adobe AIR alpha for Linux is out Paula Rooney: Adobe brings AIR RIA tool to Linux

Limo debuts first mobile Linux platform amid steep competition

Denise Howell: Sparks fly over copyright at Tech Policy Summit

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 "Best Kit List" for Apr 08/May 08 Gallery (right)

Security wrap:

Jason O'Grady: An analysis of data densities; SD v. SSD

Apple moving up in green rankings

Roland Piquepaille:Silicon chips for optical quantum computing

News.com: Yahoo targets women with Shine

Larry Dignan: Survey: Your IT leaders are an antsy bunch

Kara Swisher: What MicroHoo Might Be Like — Things have been quiet …

Kingsley-Hughes: Console gaming will "die in the next 5 to 10 y


Matthew Miller: What Waterfield Designs SleeveCases fit the Fujitsu U810 and Celio REDFLY? Gallery (right).

Dana Blankenhorn: Should doctors' offices go SaaS? Why we still hate Microsoft

Free is not always open, open need not be free

Fred Wilson:Uncertainty

Heather Clancy: Cisco: Rethinking power for an always-on world

IT Facts: Global storage software market in 2007

Garett Rogers: Google turns the lights out for Earth Hour

VentureBeat: Q&A with Mozilla's John Lilly on 10 years of Mozilla and the future of browsers

Dennis Howlett: A fresh Firefox install: drastic but cathartic

Delaware court rules in favor of IAC's Diller

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

Christopher Dawson: Are mini-laptops worth deploying without Internet access?

Janice Chen: Adobe launches free Web app and photo sharing service, Photoshop Express

Week in review: Social media open for business

Turning over a new leaf at Quark

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