News to know: Vista virtualization; OOXML; OpenOffice; Leopard developers; eBay

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft (finally) broadens Windows Vista virtualization rules. Dan Farber: Microsoft’s unveils its grand virtualization strategyMary Jo Foley: IBM, Google quietly supporting OOXML?

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft (finally) broadens Windows Vista virtualization rules. Dan Farber: Microsoft’s unveils its grand virtualization strategy

Mary Jo Foley: IBM, Google quietly supporting OOXML? Reminder: Microsoft to push Silverlight to business users this week

David Morgenstern: Mac developers betting hard on Leopard Jason O'Grady: Death to the glossy display!

WSJ: eBay's Whitman plans to retire

Michael Krigsman: Government turns to SaaS to salvage IT failures

Paula Rooney: IBM adds Ubuntu, Red Hat support for Lotus Notes-Symphony OpenOffice Client. org: OpenOffice 3 not delayed, still on track for September

Dave Greenfield: Social Software: It's Just a Game. IBM Improves SameTime Telephony and Collaboration

Robin Harris: Michael Dell's new focus on storage

Larry Dignan: Linux security guru joins Microsoft

NY Times: Hundreds of layoffs expected at Yahoo. Dan Farber: Y

ahoo going on a diet?

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right)

Phone with fold-away screen to launch in mid-2008

Dell debuts new blade server

Ed Burnette: Software emancipation: An open letter to Linus Torvalds

Macworld analysis:

Steve O'Hear: Nokia to invest in and partner with Facebook?

Credit issuer says data lost for 650,000 customers

Ryan Stewart: InsideRIA launches, an O'Reilly site dedicated to rich Internet applications

IBM and SAP to develop joint software

Joshua Greenbaum: IBM Returns to the Desktop Interface Bandwagon, and Coopetition with SAP Abounds

Techmeme: HBO to go

George Ou: Don't believe the low bit-rate 'HD' lie Here's what fake HD video looks like

Photos: Detroit shows off your next set of wheels

Rik Fairlie: Actiontec's zControl will let you remotely control your networked appliances

Garett Rogers: Google Checkout adoption doubles from last year

Knol not one of Google's "urgent" projects?

Dan Kusnetzky: How do organizations make purchasing decisions?

Richard Stiennon: Using social networks for DDoS. Reddit as hacker tool. Arbor Networks abandons security space

Russell Shaw: RIAA site was hacked: are the hackers right, or wrong? Here are five of the reasons why tech customer support "sucks"

And the scariest prediction about enterprise VoIP security in 2008 is...

Sprint bloodletting: a lesson in the consequences of hubris

Michael Krigsman: Los Angeles schools' payroll problems "stabilized"

Letter template reveals Wisconsin social security numbers

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows 7? Another reason to skip Vista Mary Jo Foley: Counting to (Windows) 7

Russell Shaw: Has Vonage stopped selling WiFi phones? If so, why?

Dana Blankenhorn: PostgreSQL left out in database brouhaha

Roland Piquepaille: Snowflakes or 3-D snowfakes? Use your cellphone as a 3-D mouse

Richard Koman: White House, Congress squabble over missing emails. Hackers attacking US utilities overseas